dotc is a creative studio with workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania. As the sky is full of stars our life is full of dots and dotc is your number one choice to connect all of the dots for you to see the great picture.

dotc - we're connecting dots for you!

About us

About us

Why us?

We make your brand interesting! Have you ever asked yourself "If I could do anything, what would I do"? We ask this question ourselves almost every day. And the answer always is "The same I do now!". This is why all dots dotc connect are in perfect line and shape. Try working with us and you will never need to search again. Need references? Ask any of our clients

Who we are?

We are young and ambitious group of people. We all have millions of ideas, we are unusual and sometimes a bit crazy, but together - the best team you can imagine. We love what we do and we do what we love. Therefore you can sit and relax while we do our job. So at the end of the day you have a great result and an interesting solution. We are connecting all the dots.. for you!


What we do:

  • video production
  • 2D/3D motion graphics and animation
  • post production
  • 3D cinema content production
  • 2D to 3D cinema conversion

Everything looks much better when it moves! And we make it move. You already have TV commercial? Great, let's make it into cinema 3D format and impress your clients the same way Avatar impressed you, or Despicable me impressed your kids. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Our main workshop is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. But team players are spread all around - Lithuania, Germany and Brazil. So we can offer you a huge variety of locations and scenery. Anything you can dream of. Seriously, anything!


We want to keep this page simple. So below you find just a small dot in a big picture of our works. Contact us to get all information and examples you need or visit our youtube channel here .

Contact us for more examples or visit our youtube channel here .


Our team is in:

It doesn't matter if you need to shoot in the middle of Brazilian dunes, or at the heart of old town of Vilnius, or maybe at the largest European canal port in Germany - you came to the right place.

dotc will help you with all your video needs - from dot a, to dot z. From scratch to cinema 3D.

dotc connects all the dots.. for you!